Klass Kanji Kollection!

The book I made is a resource for students learning Japanese. I think that this is appropriate for students in middle school and up. Each page focuses on a Kanji character and includes that character’s readings, English meaning, and different Japanese combinations/words you can find it in. Ideally, I would like the students themselves to be making the dictionary, adding to it as they learn more kanji. To make it more organized, I’d probably split the class into groups and have those groups take turns adding to our dictionary for every unit of new kanji introduced (For example, in the book I embedded, the unit would be days of the week and one group would be assigned to create those pages). Alongside the basic information about the Kanji, I would encourage them to use pictures, icons, and other cute designs to make the book more meaningful and personalized. It would be nice if they could insert a GIF of the stroke order, but unfortunately, this book creator didn’t allow me to insert GIFs so I stuck to images instead.

Featured image: Photo by Yifeng Lu on Unsplash

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  1. Lannie, who knew that Book Creator had Kanji? First off congrats for such a thoughtfully designed book. Well organized with a creative, yet consistent layout. Great illustrations (with sources) and I like the way background colors “echo” the word. Outstanding!

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