The Adventures of the Digraphs!

Audience: First Grade

Topic: ELA, Digraphs

Purpose: The purpose of this story is to give students practice with reading and decoding the digraphs “CH,” “SH,” “TH,” and “PH.” This book introduces the students to the four different digraph characters and the characters tell stories or talk about themselves, using primarily words that begin with or have their digraph letters within the word. This will help students recognize when digraphs are at the beginning of and within a variety of words. This book will help students with their alliteration as well, as many of the sounds on the respective digraph page is the same.

2 Replies to “The Adventures of the Digraphs!”

  1. I loved this book! What a fun way to introduce digraphs to students. I really loved how interactive and thought out this was. Great job!

  2. Elizabeth, what a clever book. Well illustrated, well organized with super splashy backgrounds. And the text is terrific with repetition of sounds throughout. Great to see you use record feature. (Good way to demo that BookCreator feature) Outstanding!

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