Water Cycle

By Jack Taylor & Jenna Rappaport

Grade: 3

Introduction to a unit on the water cycle.

Goal: for students to understand condensation, precipitation, and evaporation. This site helps students by providing defintions, examples, and visuals.

Featured Image: Clipart

One Reply to “Water Cycle”

  1. Jack & Jenna,

    Great work with Google sites. A very comprehensive look at the water cycle. It’s well illustrated and provides lots of interaction for students. You make good use of external content from USGS. Excellent use of G form for reassessment.

    My only suggestion has to do with the navigation menu. You have all pages nested under the homepage. I would make them all parallel level to home in the menu. That way they will all appear in menu without “clicking into” home to get to them.

    You might also consider numbering them – since they feel like a sequence as the student moves through the site.

    But great job any way

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