Adventures of the Galactic Scavengers!

Authors: Kate Marshall and Lannie Hisashima

The target age group for this activity is 4th graders and the subject is science. This lesson is more like a homework assignment that is given after a class session that introduces the solar system but does not focus on each planet individually. And so, the goal of this assignment is to allow students to learn about each planet using a closer lens. Instead of using class time to do this, Google Sites has allowed us to create a homework assignment that students can complete at their own pace of exploration. They will explore our Google Site while filling out a scavenger hunt worksheet (we would supply them with this document in a Google Classroom post). The worksheet would ask questions such as, “Where can you find the largest volcano in the solar system?” or “Where can you find the most suitable environment for life to thrive in our solar system?” To wrap up the activity, we also added a Google Form survey to see how students like the activity and whether it is something that should be done again in the future.

Featured Image: Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

One Reply to “Adventures of the Galactic Scavengers!”

  1. Kate and Lannie, Great job with Google sites. A very attractive site – like the header images for each planet. Good summary of info on each planet.

    The overarching task – a scavenger hunt is a terrific idea. Lots of opportunities there. Nice final G form to check for understanding.

    … now if I can get over Pluto …

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