The Five Senses and Me!

Why are kittens soft? Why is ice cream sweet? Today we will be answering these questions as a class for science!

Hello, my lovely Kindergarteners! Today we will be talking about our five senses.

Today’s Objective:

  • Figure which sense goes with which body part.
    1. Have hands on examples to provide the students whether it is images for sight or snacks for taste and/or smell.

“Alright class, before we can answer the questions I asked, I want to teach each and every one of you the five senses!”

“Now, what is the image on the screen?”


(Students respond to the image on display, in this example, it is a bird.)

“That’s correct! Now I ask. What is helping you SEE the bird? Can you point to what is helping you SEE?”

(Students point to their eyes.)

“Awesome job! Correct, you SEE the bird with your EYES. Next, here are some crackers to eat. Can you tell me what they TASTE like?”

“Amazing job, once again. Can you point to where you were able to taste the cracker?”

(Students point to their mouths/tongues.)

“Exactly, you TASTE ice cream and crackers with your TONGUE. Now pass around this ball and tell me what you FEEL.”


“Good descriptive answers everyone! Those who said smooth, do you agree with it being squishy? Those who said squishy do you agree with it being smooth? All in agreement? Well then, can you point to what let you FEEL the ball?”

(Students point towards their hands/fingers.)

“Good job everyone! Our HANDS and FINGERS helps us FEEL objects. Okay, now I am going to play a song, can you point to the body part that helps you hear the music?”

(Music begins to play and students point to their ears.)

“That is correct, would you say you have been HEARING me the whole time using your EARS? Yeah? I do have one more experiment for you all that will end in treats! Take an OREO and tell me what it SMELLS like.”


“So it has a scent, yeah? Good! Can you point to the body part that helped you SMELL the OREO?”

(Students point to their nose.)

“Good job, your NOSE helps you SMELL different things like OREOS or crackers. Now I am going to show you some images and you tell me which sense goes with which body part.”

  • Show understanding through matching each sense with the body part shown on the screen.
    1. Have images of the body parts and ask the class to tell you what sense goes with what image.


Five Senses by Basti Steinhauer from

Photo by Richard Lee on Unsplash

Photo by M Azharul Islam on Unsplash

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2 Replies to “The Five Senses and Me!”

  1. Georgina,
    This lesson is a delight. Charming approach and thoroughly scripted. Concludes with a fun check for understanding.
    I’m sure Ks would have a great time with this lesson. Not to mention the snacks!
    Well done!

  2. Hi! I love how you formatted this post in terms of the graphics and the bolded responses! This was a very fun lesson to read and I felt very engaged the whole time. I think students would have a blast participating in this lesson and I think the images you used really benefitted the content! Great job!

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