Shaping the World

Picture from _Alicja_ on Pixabay

Hello Kindergartners! For today’s math lesson, we will be reviewing the names of shapes and practice finding some of those shapes in pictures from around the world!

First, lets try to name some of these shapes in the images below. Can anyone tell me what the names of each of these shapes are?

Great job naming those shapes! Some of those were pretty tricky!

Now, we are going to practice finding some in different pictures from around the world! What shape do you see in these pyramids from Egypt?

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Triangles! Correct!

How about in this picture? What kind of shapes do you notice in this mosque?

Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

There are a few different shapes in here! Did you find them all?

Last one!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Awesome job Kindergarteners! Good job identifying your shapes! You can try this activity outside of school as well, by finding shapes anywhere you go!

4 Replies to “Shaping the World”

  1. Mykaela,
    A wonderful lesson for the littles. A welcoming tone invites them to use the gallery to name shapes. Then it takes them to a series of photos to look for the shapes.

    I especially like your choice of photos. A great variety of locales and subjects create another leaning opportunity. Well done

  2. Hey Mykaela! Great job with your lesson. I really like the idea of using shapes and how the students can see different shapes in the real world. I also really enjoyed the different image blockes you chose to incorporate into your lesson. I think your lesson was really thought out and well done.

  3. Hi Mykaela! I love how you were able to incorporate icons from The Noun Project. They fit perfectly with this lesson. You also chose some very cool images and I can see kindergarteners really enjoying this lesson!

  4. This is a really cute and straightforward lesson that I think kids would really enjoy doing! I like how you asked students to identify the shapes they see in real-life images because it can encourage them to do this even outside of the classroom throughout life. I also enjoyed how simple yet effective your activities were! Great job 🙂

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