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My number one goal as an educator is to create a safe, fun, engaging, and inclusive community. I kept these goals in mind as I created my assignments for ED 424. Throughout this semester, this class has helped me realize that technology is an excellent way to make sure every student is getting the support and resources they need to succeed. We can have voice-to-text, we can have the computer read out to our kids, our students can record their answers instead of writing them down…. the possibilities truly are endless. Below, are some of the activities I designed in my ED Tech class that I believe would promote acceptance and equal opportunity for all. I look forward to using these tools, and many others as I step into my own classroom someday!

Foster a welcoming space on day 1

This is an assignment made through Book Creator to describe classroom policies, protocols, and guidelines. An intentional effort was made to showcase a variety of diverse communities. (Race, Religion, Sexuality, Gender, Disabilities, etc)

Normalize + Validate all feelings

In my future classroom, I hope to have an Inside Out themed classroom inspired by Disney Pixar’s film. Social Emotional skills is an incredibly important skill for out students to have. Not only do they need to understand and value their own emotions, but they ought to learn to recognize the emotions of those around them as well.

Show ALL kinds of diversity

This screencast assignment describes the students homework: to read “Tú Puedes.” This is a wonderful book featuring a young boy in a wheel chair who, despite all odds, joins the basketball team as his school.

Autonomy is key

This assignment allows students to Create their own Journey, in a sense, as they travel through Spain. They can decide which sites to see, what food to eat, tand how they want to spend their day in general!

Make learning an adventure for everyone!!

Make learning hands-on and culturally relevant. This lesson helps students find a reason to learn a foreign language. Hopefully, it will also spark a sense of wanderlust and encourage students to research other cultures and hopefully have a desire to see these locations with their own eyes one day.
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  1. Maestra Rachel,
    What a great post showing so much of your technology repertoire! You make such a good point that technology does allow for so many resources to make education accessible to many students who might have not been able to previously access it in the same way. I love how your posts range from community engagement/SEL to fun Spanish activities! You rock!

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