Reflejando sobre un inspirador

My screencast assignment is intended for a 3rd grade Spanish Immersion class. A screencast is helpful for this assignment because it provides these students who are learning a new language the opportunity to hear the instructions in Spanish. This also allows them to replay any parts of the instructions. It will be helpful for students to re-hear any unknown words and use the context of the other sentences to make meaning.


  1. Watch the video to learn about the homework assignment.
  2. Read ¡Tu Puedes!
  3. Complete the Jamboard: Is the protagonist an inspiration? Why, or why now? Use a sticky note to explain your thoughts, and place it under the correct column.


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  1. Great idea to combine different edtech tools into an engaging task. While I don’t know what you’re saying, I really like the tone. Good sound and visual quality. Very approachable voice that draws students into the task.
    I gather from the count at the end that you are summarizing the task again. Always a good idea to make sure students understand instructions.

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