Quand je suis allé à Paris

This book is designed to be versatile for a few different lessons. Firstly, it’s written in the past tense, so it can be used in a past tense unit with examples of regular and irregular verbs conjugated for the past. It also features a variety of Paris monuments and cultural icons, so it would be a helpful introduction into a unit on Paris. This could either be a reading and listening comprehension activity, or a model for students to create their own book about a trip where they use the past tense to describe their activities. It can be difficult to find good kids books in French, especially online, that my students find both accessible and interesting, so I think that Book Creator is a great option for me to make stories that reflect exactly what we’re working on (and based on their prior knowledge) or for students to write their own in a format different from a slideshow.

(all photos, including cover photo, taken by Rachel Booth)

2 Replies to “Quand je suis allé à Paris”

  1. Hi Rachel even though I didn’t know what the book was saying since I don’t know French I think your use of pictures are amazing and the flow of your book with how everything is organized looks great!

  2. Your rationale provides a great idea for a book. I’m sure students would find it even more engaging knowing you were documenting your experience in text and image. It would likely lead to questions from them and more chances to converse in French.

    Great idea – well executed

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