Aqua &Fina: A Tale of Chemical Adventure

Audience: This book is intended for students who have at least been introduced to chemical concepts but preferably have more experience with chemistry under their belts

Purpose: This book is intended to illustrate some chemical concepts previously learned in the classroom through a fun, if simple, story. Students/the audience is asked some questions at the end which allow them to reflect on the story.

Use in the classroom: I would love to use this story as a preface to students coming up with their own way to illustrate a chemical concept, bringing some fun and creativity to a subject typically considered difficult and uninteresting. However, as it is, I think it is a great way to get students to apply what they have learned and use critical thinking skills to reflect on the story itself.

Here are the contents of the book as well:

4 Replies to “Aqua &Fina: A Tale of Chemical Adventure”

  1. Hi Emma this is such a cute and fun way of introducing chemical components as well as a great idea of adding questions at the end of book to really have kids think about the book and how it can relate to their prior knowledge!

  2. A great chemistry lecture disguised as a graphic novel. So clever “.. Aqua stole her proton and now Fina had negative thoughts.” You clearly had fun with this and it shows.

    I like that you even offer students the chance to give feedback. Reflection is a powerful learning tool.

  3. Hi Emma,

    This was such a creative way to present chemistry concepts to students! It is so engaging as it is presented as a comic and adding the bonus questions allow for some interaction. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love how creative this is! This is easy to digest so even a chemistry novice, like myself, can get it. You can tell you had fun with it and that will translate to your students having fun with it!

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