Ms. Rowley’s Technology: Taking a look back at this year!

As a current Middle School Math teacher, teaching during a Pandemic, technology has presented itself to be a way to reach new heights in the education world. Google Slide versions of games based off the most popular middle school game allowed me to reach student’s who often sat with their cameras off. Peardeck allowed me to differentiate my instruction during every lesson so I could reach the needs of all students. Loom opened up a whole new set of possibilities to for ways to help my students understand the “WHY” behind the concepts and procedures in math. I was able to use so many different types of technology to better my teaching practice, be a more culturally responsive teacher and focus on the social and emotional learning for each of my students as I grew their math skills.

Although this year was challenging, I would not have learned so much about the different ways technology allows me to reach a greater population of learners. Looking back on this year, I used to think technology was a distraction or could just be used to supplement a lesson. Now I am able to see how technology can be used to enhance a lesson and reach more types of learners.

Although, many of us can’t wait for the day where we are doing school back in-person (and yes, we are getting there), I am excited to continue using the technology skills I have learned this year in my classroom in the future.

Below are just some of the ways I have integrated technology into my teaching practice!

Use Google Sites to help students and families get to know a little bit more about you as an educator! Click below to see mine.

Ms. Rowley’s Teaching Portfolio

Using Loom as a resource to support your student’s learning!

Interactive math lessons using Google Maps and Google Draw!

Ways I want to continue to grow in my technology use:

  • Implementing culturally responsive material
  • Finding equitable ways for access to technology for my students
  • Discovering new ways to differentiate with different technological resources
  • Use technology for student and parent communication

2 Replies to “Ms. Rowley’s Technology: Taking a look back at this year!”

  1. Hi Marissa, I love the way you turned such a challenging year during distance learning into a wonderful positive outcome– the expansion of your technological tool box! I have found myself in a similar position in that I feel like there are so many wonderful tools that I wouldn’t have learned about if it weren’t for the pandemic. I think when we return to in-person teaching, we’ll definitely be well-equipped! Really nice work, as always 🙂

  2. Hi Marissa! Thank you so much for sharing your journey of remote teaching with us! I could not imagine being a student-teacher during this past year, but I know you all handled it like champs! Oftentimes, I think math teachers resort to worksheets. However, I love how you really challenged yourself to create all of these new and modern activities!

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