¡Su Viaje a España!

Hola estudiantes! Hoy, vamos a tomar un viaje a Barcelona, España! En las semanas pasadas, hemos estudiado la comida y la cultura de España. Ese es su oportunidad de aprender un poco más sobre la vida de un española.

Primero, van a hacer clic aquí. Entonces, van a escoger que quieres hacer durante su aventura! Espero que tengan un buen y seguro viaje!

Hi students! Today we are going to take a trip to Barcelona, Spain! In the previous weeks we have been studying Spanish culture and food. This is your opportunity to learn a little more about the Spanish lifestyle.

First, you are going to click here. Then, you are going to chose what you want to do during your adventure! I hope that you have a safe and awesome trip!


  • Give students the opportunity to make choices and use their imagination.
  • An opportunity to practice food and tourist vocabulary.
  • Students can use to pictures to remind them what some of the options mean.
  • Students learn a little more about Spanish activities, culture, and food.




6 Replies to “¡Su Viaje a España!”

  1. I love that the directions are in Spanish! This is super fun and a great way to use technology to bring us closer to really being in that target language-speaking country.

  2. Rachel,
    This is so fun! I would have loved to do an activity like this in one of my Spanish classes. What a good way to practice their Spanish but also have fun!

  3. Despite my lack of any Spanish. I took the test and made lots of selections. Since it was a subjective activity – I understand that it can’t be scored as a test.

    Could you share how you will use student responses. Will you give students feedback on what percentages made certain choices? Or it there another plan?

    Could you also embed the form in the post – so viewers can get a quick look at it.

    1. Hi Professor Pappas, I was thinking that I would gather student data and design future lessons around it. For example, if a majority of the class wanted to visit La Sagrada Familia, I would create a lesson around that and find some sort of virtual tour to take them on! And if everyone wanted to try paella, we could learn how to make it!

      1. Great idea to use the form to develop future lesson. And next week we will look at two virtual tour builders. So perfect timing!
        PS – I like embedded forms. One less click for the viewer. Plus they don’t have to leave our site to see your work.

  4. Rachel! I love this! This is such a great interactive way to learn about culture, this is something I would love to use in my own classes. Taking notes!

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