You are wanted, important and appreciated!

Hello 7th graders, I know there is a LOT going on right now in each of your lives. Please take this survey to let me know how you are doing. There are so many resources for you both academically and emotionally. You have all pushed through such a hard year and are working so hard to show me your math skills! And yes, math skills are important but YOU are more important than those math skills. Please complete this Google Form by answering each question you are comfortable answering and submitting it once you have finished.


The goal of this Google From is not about a certain subject but more about the social and emotional state of my students. Because this year has been really tough on many of them I think it is very important to check in on their wellbeing. This survey serves two purposes. One, it allows for me as the teacher to see how my students are doing and be able to use that information to reach out to certain students, change my class structure or allow more time in class for SEL activities. The second purpose it that it allows for students to get strategies regarding their wellbeing (physical, emotional, etc.) as well as give them some academic resources if they need them. The form is a dynamic way of collecting the information I want to be able to know how my students are doing but also directs them to questions that are applicable to their responses. For example, if my students say they are not having a great week, I will then ask them about their sleep schedules. If they answer they don’t sleep at least 8 hours on average I will give them some sleep tips and then have them move on to other questions regarding their social and emotional health.

Who is this survey for?

This type of SEL survey could be given to any different grade level just with modifications to the questions and the resources. All students, no matter the age/grade, need to be checked in on often. This specific form was created for middle schoolers.

Click here to make your own copy of this Google Form

6 Replies to “You are wanted, important and appreciated!”

  1. Marissa, this is incredible. This is so, SO important. Just letting students know that you’re aware of these elements of their lives and that you care means a lot. Plus, like you mentioned, this is universal for all grades/subjects/etc.

  2. Thanks for giving us an example of how we can still continue to support our students without being in the same physical space with them (: Stuff like this is really important as well because of what Rachel touched on; this can be used in a plethora of settings to support our students of all ages

  3. A good reminder that these form can be used for so much more than instructional goals. I especially like that it ends with an opportunity for students to offer feedback to teachers about what would help them.

    Plus your goals are very well written and admirable.

  4. H! I did a lesson similar to this on my google forms but for third graders, and I agree with you when saying it is important to check in on our students and their well being! To be teachers, we have to know how our students are feeling constantly.

  5. I loved the little notes about sleep being important and why it is important, just reinforcing that for kids can be very important. You’re not only checking in, but you’re offering help along the way. This is such a helpful way to communicate with students in these crazy covid times, great job!

  6. I love this! I think it is such a great tool for you to use to understand and reach out to your student to check in on how they are doing! It’s great that you can then use their answers to give them customized resources to help them build better habits!

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