Morning Check-In Form

Good morning, third graders! Just like every other day, I want to know how you are doing!


  1. Go to the Google Forms by pressing on the link:
  2. Don’t forget it fill out your name!
  3. Submit when you finish the questions.


Although this isn’t a lesson per say, I think it is important to check up on our student’s mental health so this form could be used daily. This lesson gets the students into a routine, it allows students to reflect on their mental health and express it feelings, and it allows students to ask the teacher questions about the assignment in a private space.

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

5 Replies to “Morning Check-In Form”

  1. This is a great way to casually check in with your students. Making it a part of the daily routine would allow it to not be a big deal for students to be open with you. Students might find themselves not wanting to share things with you outright or not feeling like they have a way to bring it up with you so this gives them that outlet. They can share as much or as little with you. Awesome idea!

  2. Checking in with students is so important! I love the way you added a casual question of the day to get to know them as well! This also seems super user friendly for younger students!

  3. Hi, Jenny!
    I love how you thought about using Google Forms as a way to check in with students’ mental health/emotional wellbeing! I think this is especially great now since I imagine many students feeling stressed and unheard during distance learning. Great idea! 🙂

  4. Such a great idea for kiddos to share their feelings with the teacher. Helps them understand that education doesn’t just happen to them. They need to learn to advocate for themselves. These are nice beginning steps for that.

    Also great feedback for teacher to understand the needs of her students. Plus super cute images

  5. Hey, Jenny!

    I agree with all the comments above. I would also add that this is a great way for students to get the chance to check in privately with you. Morning shares can often be scary for students to honestly answer how they are feeling or questions they may have as the entire class listens in. This is a great way for those shyer students to get the chance to check in. I can see myself using this for my own third graders!

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