El medio ambiente y los países de hispanoblantes – ¡elige tu propio aprendizaje!

This lesson:

This lesson is intended for Spanish 3 students to guide their own learning about the environment and conservation efforts of different Spanish speaking countries. Students are expected to use the Google Form to: select a country of interest, read the corresponding article, use the form to summarize, review vocabulary, and give me feedback, and then report to the class about the article the next day in small groups.

Instructions for students:

1.) Enter your information into the Google Form.

2.) Select the country you would like to learn about. You are only reading ONE article.

3.) Read the article provided for your selected country.

4.) Follow the prompts in the Google Form.

5.) Come prepared to work with a small group in class to share about what you learned and teach others about your country!


My goals for this lesson include:

  • Giving students freedom to guide their own learning.
  • Exposure to authentic Spanish texts (news articles).
  • Collaborative learning – teaching others about their article and learning from their peers.

The Google Form helps accomplish this by giving students the choice of what they would like to read and being able to assign specific vocabulary comprehension questions and to hold students accountable for their reading.

The Google form automatically corrects their vocabulary comprehension and allows me to gain feedback on the articles I am assigning as well.


One Reply to “El medio ambiente y los países de hispanoblantes – ¡elige tu propio aprendizaje!”

  1. A very sophisticated form – so many tools in here. Authentic articles and videos, checks for understanding, vocabulary, feedback for teachers. Plus students get to approach the task according to their preferences.

    A great example of incorporating Google Forms into a language lesson. Environmental theme is a plus that will motivate students.

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