Solutions: How Basic Are They?

Previously, we learned about acids and bases (you can view the post HERE or be taken directly to my Google site by clicking HERE). One property is based on the pH value, where bases have a pH greater than 7 and acids have a pH less than 7. But how do we find the pH of an acidic solution? Or a basic one? Does acid/base strength matter? This lesson aims to answer all of these questions through the use of Loom screen-casting. Thus, this lesson is for chemistry students with a general understanding of acids, bases, and pH.

Directions to students:

  1. Watch the lesson videos on how to find the pH of an acidic/basic solution
  2. Download a copy of the Jamboard and complete the problems
  3. Check your responses by watching the corresponding videos for each question.
  4. If you still have questions, try watching the lesson video again. You can also review the Google site for more information on pH and acids and bases.

The Lessons: Watch these two videos. One covers how to find the pH for STRONG acids/bases and the other explains the process for WEAK acids/bases.

The Jamboard Activity: Click Here to View.

Here are the videos showing the correct process for each question from the Jamboard activity:

Why Loom ? Loom allows for easy recording. I can have any given document on my screen and viewers can watch as I interact with that document. Since it records whatever is on my screen, I can easily switch between documents (like a Jamboard activity and a whiteboard) to better relay information to students. Screen-casting is really useful for explaining the process behind a given chemistry problem. It can also be used as a study tool at a later date. Since the screen-casting provides a video, the content can easily be shared as well, which might be handy for parents.

3 Replies to “Solutions: How Basic Are They?”

  1. An impressive collection of resources. Your teaching videos are thoughtful and well-planned. The narration is clear and the reinforce the calculations being done on the Jamboard. Your Jamboard gives students a chance to demonstrate the learning and your subsequent videos do a great job of explaining solutions to the problems.

    Over all an ambitious effort that pays off by creating a valuable teaching resource.
    PS- You mention your Google site in step 4. But you should make that an active hyperlink so viewers can easily see that as well. It’s a great site.

    1. Dr. Pappas,
      I added a hyperlink that takes you directly to the google site in addition to the hyperlink that takes you to my previous post on Edtech Methods that includes the google site. Hopefully that is clearer.

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