A Bit of Chemistry: The “Basics” ,

Featured image: “Transparent chemistry glass tubes filled with substances” by Horia Varlan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Today, we are going to learn about acids, bases, and how that knowledge can be applied through the use of a Google Site. 

Target audience: High school (or greater) students who are in a general chemistry course and are learning about acid-base chemistry.

Lesson context: This lesson aims to be both an introduction and a review on the basics of acid-base chemistry. It is not, by any means, exhaustive. 


  1. Pre-assess what students already know through the activities on the “pre-lesson activity” tab. 
  2. Discuss what is an acid versus a base (using the “definitions” tab and the subheadings “acids” and “bases”).
  3. Once the definitions are cemented, learn real-world applications of acid-base chemistry, allowing students to connect the importance of acid-base chemistry to everyday life. 
  4. Take a post-assessment to ensure understanding has been reached (located under the “post-lesson activity” tab).

*5. Have fun while doing science! (There are some fun videos under the “science fun” tab as well).

Why a Google Site? Google sites are free to use. Plus, their design allows for separation due to the multiple page feature, which comes in handy with topics that have a lot of pieces to them (like acid-base chemistry). This aspect also makes it easy for students to return to the information if they wish to review it. However, it does make it difficult to limit what students do when, as they have access to everything at the same time.

Click on the image to be directed to the Google Site. You can also click HERE.

3 Replies to “A Bit of Chemistry: The “Basics” ,”

  1. Very impressive lesson. Glad you stuck with this idea! Well researched. Thoughtful design leads the student from pre-assessment – through a variety of content – post assessments and extension activities. Well written with clear explanations and assessments. I loved the selection of videos. You found some clever ones.

    You should take great pride in design and execution of this lesson. You sure you’re not an ed major?

  2. Hi Emma, I really like your use of Google Sites! Having that song pop up right away when you click the link is a nice touch. It made me laugh, and I’m sure your students will enjoy it too! I also like the idea of having an entire page dedicated to vocab terms and definitions! Glossaries are always so convenient and beneficial for students.

  3. Emma, I really liked the website you made for this lesson! It’s very well organized and informative! I also love that you added that song at the beginning for some good humor!

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