Faire les courses à Monoprix

This activity is part of a lesson I am designing for my seventh grade class, which is currently working on a food unit. To add both practical application and an element of culture, students will explore the website for Monoprix (https://www.monoprix.fr/courses-en-ligne), a French grocery store similar to our Fred Meyer. The video above is an explanation of how students will navigate the site and do imaginary shopping for themselves. They will create a shopping list with the names of all of the items they wish to purchase (food, clothing, home goods), as well as the price. After they have completed the activity, students will be able to share their shopping lists with others, discuss new vocabulary, comment on cultural differences and costs, etc. This activity should be done entirely in French (as are the directions).

-Students can navigate a [virtual] French grocery store to shop for necessities and desired products.
-Students can use their food vocabulary and context clues to successfully identify foods, clothing, home goods, etc.
-Students can gain experience with shopping in a French-speaking environment, anticipate costs relative to in the US, and understand associated cultural expectations.

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    This is such an interactive lesson. Although I couldn’t understand exactly what you were saying because I don’t speak French, but what I could piece together I know your students will be very engaged. This is a great activity for learning a language and for life skills as well.

    1. I agree with Marissa. Great way to merge language and life skills. Well organized shopping trip. Fun to see the prices and offerings and compare to what here in US. I’m sure students will enjoy the chance to shop.

      Also a opportunity to add some economics and personal finance skills.

  2. Rachel,
    C’est choutte! J’aurais voulu faire cette activite! It is so cool that your students get to experience shopping in a French store. That is a great way to practice French! I agree with Marissa and love how interactive this activity is.
    One note: there seemed to be an issue with the sound and for me it kept cutting in and out a bit so it was difficult to hear specifically what you were saying (though I got the gist from the visual).

  3. Yes, I agree with everything they said above! This is a super fun and interactive way to teach your students vocabulary. I will definitely be using this in my ESOL classroom as well for English learners!

  4. Rachel this such a great way to show students what they need to be doing rather than just written instructions as well as showing how to navigate the website! This is a super fun and creative way for students to learn vocabulary and be able to apply the vocabulary to their daily lives.

  5. This is awesome! I love how you incorporated the cultural element here (that is so important) and made this activity meaningful and applicable to real life! I will definitely be doing something similar with my Spanish students.

  6. This is awesome Rachel! I love how you turned this into a real situation students will use if they ever go to France! So great! Thanks for sharing!

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