Padlet Oregon Zoo Activity

By Lauren Alvarez

I think that in my future career as a teacher, I will probably end up using Padlet the most. It is very easy to use compared to the rest. It comes with ready templates that make creating activities simple. Teachers can ban profanity and add comments to everyone’s posts. These types of KWL charts are a great way to ensure all students have a chance to participate. My lesson can be used as a preview activity for a field trip to the zoo with the K and W portions of the chart. Then, students can share what they learned under L!

2 Replies to “Padlet Oregon Zoo Activity”

  1. I really love padlet and it’s utility for KWL charts! It really allows students to add their own input and allows the teacher to give feedback in realtime. The comments sections is really helpful as well, for both teachers and peers.

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