My future

By: Rylee Seekins

How to tips:

  • Express creativity
  • Have an idea/ plan in mind
  • Keep an open mind

Benefits of mind mapping: 

            Mind mapping allows students to layout their ideas in a creative way that makes sense to them. But it is also an easy layout for someone else to follow along. Very beneficial for visual learners. And is also helpful when a student is stuck on a specific idea. Review:

Very simple and easy to use. Allows students to layout ideas and its very easy for others reading to follow ideas. Only downside is that you can’t get to creative, and it is kind of boring to use.

One Reply to “My future”

  1. I really like this post and your mind map Rylee! I also wrote about for my post too, and something I learned from your post is that the user can change what the lines look like that connect the bubbles in the web. It is interesting that the lines can sometimes be arrows. I definitely agree that this app is great for visual learners.

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