Final reflection

By Rylee Seekins

  1. I learned that technology and education are very much related. Technology is started to be used more often in classes, and can greatly contribute to learning. Technology gives students many different programs to use to increase learning, give presentations, and post what they learned. At the beginning of this course I didn’t know about any of the programs we worked with. And I also was not very good at working with technology. But after this course I feel a lot more comfortable, and will definitely consider using some of these programs in my classroom.
  2. I liked the mini-projects more than test or papers. It allowed me to be hands on and explore these programs. And in the end it allowed me to learn more about the programs. I think this gives students more freedom to enjoy what they are learning.

MyMaps Final Presentation

This is a Co-Post by Caroline Halvorson, Ysabelle Saguin, and Rylee Seekins

We presented to teachers about how to use MyMaps as a tool in different classrooms. The goal was to have a general understanding of how to use the tool as well as different ways it can be applied. The variety of uses can improve any lesson that incorporates maps, particularly in social studies. Geography and political climate can be studied using this tool as well as historical landmarks. This is an easy to utilize tool in a 3rd-5th grade classroom.


I used VideoAnt to make a video lesson. This tool would be very easy for teachers and students to use. I found it very easy to insert a video and add statements and questions to specific parts. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it doesn’t force students to answer the questions throughout the video.

Virtual tour around the US

By: Amy Huang and Rylee Seekins

We used Quicktime player to screen record our tour around the US and then we uploaded it to youtube. We found it really easy to use/navigate especially with a microphone that helped focus on your voice. The tool itself is simple to use and would be useful in a classroom if students were being assigned to record something on a screen.

Where I’m from

I found Sway very easy to use and navigate. This could be great tool for teaching lessons to students, or sharing more about yourself. In this Sway document I shared a bit about where I grew up, my hobbies, and my family.

3 forms of rock

I found Adobe Spark video very simple and easy to use. This is something that I would consider using as a teacher to present lessons. But this is also an easy tool for students to use for assignments and presentations.

My future

By: Rylee Seekins

How to tips:

  • Express creativity
  • Have an idea/ plan in mind
  • Keep an open mind

Benefits of mind mapping: 

            Mind mapping allows students to layout their ideas in a creative way that makes sense to them. But it is also an easy layout for someone else to follow along. Very beneficial for visual learners. And is also helpful when a student is stuck on a specific idea. Review:

Very simple and easy to use. Allows students to layout ideas and its very easy for others reading to follow ideas. Only downside is that you can’t get to creative, and it is kind of boring to use.

6 Hikes in Oregon

By: Rylee Seekins

I chose to display a map of 6 different hikes in Oregon, because I have a passion for hiking and the outdoors. I think my maps is a great way for students to express creativity. They have the option to explore different parts of the world, or they can use it to make a map of their favorite books or activities. This could be a good way to get to know other classmates and discover more about yourself.


post by: Amy Huang and Rylee Seekins

This is a quiz to test third-graders on their knowledge of the steps to PEMDAS. Since the teacher can’t see how well they do, this would be used for more like a way for students to review the topic themselves rather than be used as a formal assessment.