Virtual tour around the US

By: Amy Huang and Rylee Seekins

We used Quicktime player to screen record our tour around the US and then we uploaded it to youtube. We found it really easy to use/navigate especially with a microphone that helped focus on your voice. The tool itself is simple to use and would be useful in a classroom if students were being assigned to record something on a screen.

3 Replies to “Virtual tour around the US”

  1. Great video Amy! I can tell that you put time and effort into it, and I think this would be a great idea to incorporate into a lesson about the US.

  2. This is super cool the way that you made this. Very good quality and effort. I could see myself using this for a biome presentation for my biology students.

  3. Good pairing of video with ThingLink. Your narration allows a struggling reader to follow along with the text. Plus map provide location and photos illustrate the landmarks.

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