Nutrition Final Presentation

by Madi Ohashi and Lauryn Nakashima

Access to our presentation/site:

For our final project, we decided to do a lesson on Go, Slow, and Whoa foods. The target audience for our presentation is 3rd graders. After our lesson is completed, we want the students to have a basic understanding of these specific food groups. We want them to know what foods are good to eat and which are not. Through creating a Google Slide, they will learn more in depth about the food group assigned to them. They will be able to view the other students work on a Padlet. We created a Google Site (link below) where they can find the information and a Padlet for students to upload their Google Slides on. These three programs will aid students learning by allowing students to access the online information, gather and organize their content, and then present and share their learning to their classmates. The use of the technology makes it all very accessible for the teacher, students, and outside members. We hope you enjoy our final project!

2 Replies to “Nutrition Final Presentation”

  1. You created a very informative site with Google sites that effectively “hosted” the lesson. Then offered the class a chance to get creative with Google slides. Then share our work with Padlet. A very well organized and motivating lesson that made good use of the tech tools.

  2. I really liked your use of google sites for this presentation. It was a new and inventive way to teach about Go foods, Woah foods, and Slow foods. I also appreciate that you clarified the difference between the three types of food. Great job.

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