Drinking Responsibly

Link to create your own protip https://spark.adobe.com/

Made with Padlet
  1. target audience- College Students
  2. subject of lesson – Safe drinking and standard drinks.
  3. instructional goal- The learner will comprehend what the three different types of standard drinks are. The learner will also creating a protip graphic for safe drinking.
  4. technology being used- Edpuzzle, Adobe spark post, Padlet, Imovie
  5. how technology supports instructional goal- Technology supports or instructional goals because it allows for the students to be able to learn about safe drinking through interactive activities and makes learning more student centered.

The purpose of our lesson is to educate students on what a standard drink is so that they know how to drink alcohol safely. If this lesson was used in classroom then it could be taught to high school seniors in their homerooms or college students in freshmen workshops. By the end of the lesson the students will have an idea about the three different kinds of standard drinks and the amount of alcohol in each drink.

Lesson execution:

  1. Watch Edpuzzle video
  2. Show protip example
  3. Student work time to make their own protip on adobe spark post
  4. Students upload post to padelt
  5. Students make one comment on another protip

2 Replies to “Drinking Responsibly”

  1. A great lesson that showcased your movie making skills and provided opportunities for students to explore, create and share. I thought you presented with EdPuzzle in a novel way – large group instead of individual. Fun to create the “Pro Tips” in Adobe Spark Post. And who knew about red cups?

  2. You incorporated many different modes of technology into your lesson! It was very informative and pretty funny.

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