Mystical Mosaics!


Mystical Mosaics” will be a lesson on fairytales, magic, and other fictitious worlds. The use of Google Drawing will come from students being asked to create a mosaic of a character or creature read about in whatever magic or fairytale-like books are used during read-aloud. This lesson will be focused on showcasing student work using Google Drawings. The lesson is fit for younger grades, it is a great way to introduce K-2 students to the concept of fairytales and fantasy while also letting them learn a new style of art: mosaic art.


Teacher: What did you all think of Dragon’s Don’t Dance Ballet? [book is optional, any fantasy picture book will do]


Teacher: Well I am glad that you all enjoyed the book. Now, what do we understand about fantasy and fairytales?

Students: It is make-believe and it is very magical.

Teacher: Very good, for today’s activity I want you all to pull out your laptops and go to Google Drawings. Here you will be making a mosaic of your very own dragon! Before we dive in, a mosaic is a style of art where you can make shapes or drawings out of smaller shapes and patterns. Here is my example. Ready? Begin!

Teacher: Ready? Begin!


  1. To introduce and build a foundation around what the genres of fantasy and fairytale are for students.
  2. It gives students an ability to showcase their art skills.
  3. It pushes students to think of aspects to look out for to differentiate various types of fiction.


Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

3 Replies to “Mystical Mosaics!”

  1. Hi Georgina! I think it is great how you are combining fairy tales and mosaics here- they will both be very popular with students. I could possibly see younger children not knowing where to start so maybe they could have outlines of fairy tale characters to work with. For example, the dragon you have could be outlined in white and then they could fill it in with a bunch of colored shapes. I’m sure some students would be fine without this, but I know I’m not the most confident artist! You also developed some great goals!

    1. Georgina, I think Hailey has a great idea for using some outline to support the art work. Another option would be for you to create a selection of Google drawing with both outlines and “uncolored” shapes – sort of mosaic with all empty spaces. Then students could use the fill function to fill in spaces with color. Sort of turns it into a coloring book kind of activity for less artistically inclined. Great idea however it’s set up.

  2. Georgina, I love your idea of having students use their creativity with google drawing to tie into a good lesson about fairytales! I think students would love this!

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