Personalized Plate

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Context of the Activity: Teach in a content area (health)

Target Student Group: 1st grade, health

This Google Drawings lesson is inspired by a lesson my CT taught while I was in the classroom for field experience last week. After being taught about what a balanced diet looks like and what foods fall into each category (fruits/vegetables, whole grains, protein), the students made their own plates by coloring in a blank template of a plate with their favorite foods. I thought it would be fun to try it on Google Drawings so they could add images of their favorite foods from the internet.

Instructions for students: Hi class! Now that we have learned what balanced plates include, we are going to create our own featuring our favorite foods. Remember that each day we need about 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 6 servings of whole grains, and 3 servings of protein. A serving is one portion or amount of a certain food. So, if you have a sandwich with two slices of whole wheat bread, that counts for two of your six servings of whole grains. Now, we are going to be using Google Drawings to make our own plates. I made an example plate you can look at, but I’m hoping to see your plates filled with servings of YOUR favorite foods. Once you’ve add 4-5 photos of fruits and vegetables, 6 photos of whole grains, and 3 photos of protein, go ahead and label these foods on the side of your plate.

Goal for the Lesson: To help students learn about the components of a healthy diet. It will help them recognize what foods fall into which categories so that they can make smart, informed decisions about what they eat. The Google Drawing helps meet this goal because they can find photos of their favorite foods and sort them appropriately. The visual will help them differentiate between the categories of food.

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3 Replies to “Personalized Plate”

  1. Hailey, good idea for using Drawings to update your CT lesson. Drawings includes the built in image search, so with some instruction students should be able to use that. Might be fun to “dress” this up a bit. For example add a tablecloth, some utensils and a plate image as a background. Turn the food list into a blank menu. So many ways to use this idea. Fun lesson.

  2. Hailey, Oh. My. Gosh. This lesson is so awesome! I love everything about it, this is definitely something I would have loved to do as a kid. I really love how students are able to decide their OWN favorite foods and figure out which category it fits into. Great job!

  3. Hailey, such a cool idea! It is so important that students understand a healthy and balanced diet at a young age. This would be such a cool place to introduce different eating preferences: vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. That way students can see what their peers eat and possible substitutes for certain servings. Overall, such an important topic and amazing idea!

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