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When deciding to pursue Elementary Education with an emphasis on English as a Second Language (ESL), I knew that I wanted to impact the lives of my students. I can see myself as a young student, a child of Filipino immigrant parents, in the students in my future classroom, and it brings me joy to see them grow, especially knowing that I can aid them to my best of my ability. In my ED 424 class, we focused on ways we can utilize technology to create fun and easy ways students can learn online. Learning to teach during a pandemic has been difficult, but this class opened up so many applications that are kid friendly and are up to date with the growing technology. Some of the lessons using technologies I learned in this class are listed below:

Short vs. Long Vowel Sounds

This lesson utilizes WordPress as a lesson to teach short and long vowel sounds to both English learners and general education students. This application emphasizes the use of visuals in order to understand vowels and their sounds that correspond with the picture. This was a simple lesson that is easy to follow along at any grade level.

Daily Number

This lesson utilized Jamboard, a new application that is becoming popular within elementary and public schools, for it being almost an elevated Google Drawings. In my classroom, Jamboard would be an application that would be used frequently because of it’s versatility. In my lesson, students would open up Jamboard in the start of every math block and complete several ways to count the daily number given. For example, there are tally marks, blocks, a number line, etc. that students would use as a warm-up for the unit lesson for the day.

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Activity

This activity uses Google Drawings as a fun way to let student’s creativity run wild. This would be a seasonal activity where the students would have to create their own snowman for display in the classroom. Students are able to choose from a variety of different components that make up a snowman (eyes, carrot nose, scarf, twig arms, etc.) Students are able to showcase their individual styles while also having a blast.

Morning Check-In

This activity is geared more towards upper level grades such as third to fifth grade. This Morning Check-in utilizes Google forms. This can be used both remotely and in person, where the first thing students do when they log on is fill out this form. This is a perfect way for students to assess their wellbeing and progress in class, as well as for teachers to keep an eye on their students. This allows for a private way students can reach out to their students when obstacles come their way. Teachers are able to keep track of their student’s feeling and mental health that isn’t outwardly expressed.

Where Are You From?

This activity is also meant for third to fifth graders, as MyMaps or Google Maps are more on the advanced level to use. This activity could be perfect in an ESL classroom where many different culture are put together in one room. This activity allows the students to locate where their family is from and to do some research about their culture and ethnicity. This is a perfect way for students to have a good social studies lesson blended in with some culturally responsive self discovery.

Addition Lesson

This lessons incorporates videos of different strategies to complete an addition equation. This could be utilized in a remote classroom by giving the students a way to refer back to our lessons, and a way for parents to keep up with the content their child is learning so they could aid them if they need help.

Colors for Newcomers

This lesson makes learning colors for Newcomers or new English learners fun and easy. It includes a voiceover for students that have a hard time reading, and could understand better through hearing instead. This book could be used remotely, and through all age levels, for the visuals are relative to any culture or age group.

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  1. Hi Jenny, I love that you add a personal touch about your own background and how it has affected your motivations behind teaching with technology. It makes your mission very apparent in your lessons for your viewers! Nice work 🙂

  2. Hi Jenny! This is so awesome! I think technology gets forgotten in lower elementary a lot of times. And when they do get to use technology, it is usually some simple math or sight words game. I love how you are making tech a more normalized resource for your students!

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