Jam board Activity: Daily Number

Good morning, kindergarteners! Like every class, we will be doing our daily number jam board! The link below is down below! Remember to go to the page number that is the same as your student number, for example, if you are student number 5, then skip over to find your page on slide number 5! *Show example*



  1. First, the teacher will roll the dice and our daily number will be the number of dots on our dice
  2. We will type out the number together and go through all of the different sections of the page in order to fill out the whole paper
  3. The teacher will then print out each person’s individual daily number and put it into each student’s prospective portfolio


  1. Get students comfortable with their numbers 1-6
  2. Develop different ways to create a number (Base 10 blocks, number line, counting fingers, tally marks, addition equations, coloring blocks, and addition webs)
  3. Get student’s brains going first thing in the morning

Photo by Robo Wunderkind on Unsplash

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  1. Good use for Jamboard – alternative ways to represent the numbers.

    You should give permission for anyone with a link to view your Jamboard.

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