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Ordering Numbers with Jamboard

Hi 7th grade mathematicians, today you are going to work in groups of 4 to complete the task. Your group will need the Jamboard slide assigned to you. On the Jamboard you will see a lot of numbers. Work with your group mates to order the numbers from least to greatest. Be careful, there are some absolute values that you need to pay attention to. Remember, the absolute value of a number is the distance it is away from zero.

The goal of this lesson is to help you practice ordering signed numbers. Remember that signed numbers include both positive and negative numbers. Make sure you pay attention to the sign when completing the activity.

There are many things in mathematics you need to order! Adapt this Jamboard to any ordering activity. This Jamboard could also be made into a homework assignment or an in-class warm up. This specific assignment is a group assignment because it allows for students to collaborate and combine their knowledge to complete the task. I have also adapted this activity to make it a pre and post assessment. I have my students attempt this before learning about ordering signed numbers and then complete again after they have learned about signed numbers with the same Jamboard. This allows for the students to see what they had preciously thought and to refine their thinking.

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  1. Good demonstration of use of Jamboard in math. Great idea – simple to deliver and for students to manipulate. And it gets directly to the heart of a essential skill. Your post shows how easy it is for teachers to set up quick learning activities for students.

    PS. The positive and negative numbers were a challenge for me. But I’m working on it!

  2. Hi! I really like how simple this jam board is and how effective it is. I know that 7th graders can get distracted easily so this is a good activity that isn’t dragged out like some other assignments would.

  3. Hi Marissa!

    First off, I love the title of this post! It was so catchy it caught my eye and I had to come look at your JamBoard. I love this simple, but engaging math task! I feel like I could definitely alter it to work for my third grade class. We are working on fractions right now and an activity like this may really help demonstrate or build their understanding!

  4. Hi Marissa! I love this idea for a jamboard activity! Simple but interactive and gets the students involved!

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