The Name is Lines…Time Lines…

This activity is designed for middle school or early high school level students learning about the American Revolution. This activity in particular follows discussions on the causes of the American Revolution and some background on the battles (for two of the activity options, the third does not necessarily require any background knowledge of the battles). The end goal of this activity is for students to build a timeline of important battles during the American Revolution.

This activity starts with a Braindump; this is an activity where students brainstorm about a topic they learned about recently. For this activity, students will leave post-its on causes for the war that they can remember from class discussions.

The Braindump allows for students to recall previous information and present it back to the teacher. It also allows for a refresher on causes of the war that some students may have forgotten. The Braindump can be modified to fit whatever the teacher may want their students to recall before this activity.

For timeline building, the Jamboard has three different ways a teacher could do it.

All three options can be done in a collaborative group setting. Duplicates can be made of the slides and students can work in pairs or larger groups to build timelines. The different options allows for more flexibility depending on the teacher’s curriculum schedule.

Image Citations:

Featured Image: Photo by airfocus on Unsplash

Jamboard Images: Photos by Sophia Winland

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  1. A well-designed Jamboard lesson. Colorful layout. Multiple tasks offer teacher flexible delivery and different options for student work.

    Your post does a good job of showcasing the work. Nicely done all around.

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