Where Are You From?

Target Group: 3-5th Grade


  1. The teacher will first pose a survey that students can fill out right away or take home as homework that says the following: Where in the world are your parent(s)/ guardian(s) from?
  2. The teacher will then input all the data into the Google Maps
  3. Once all the data is complied, the students will get to see the map of the world that shows the diversity in the classroom by seeing all the different ethnic groups throughout the students
  4. Once we finish looking at a world view, the teacher will then assign a follow up activity that allows students to elaborate more on their ethnic group and culture

* Some students may have more than 1 country to input and explain about*

* This lesson is to be paired with another lesson to be more in depth*


  • This activity allows students to see how diverse their fellow classmates are
  • Students learn more about other student’s culture in order to be more accepting
  • Students will learn more about their own culture and where their family is rooted
  • Students will get a mini geography lesson on countries and continents

2 Replies to “Where Are You From?”

  1. Good idea for using MyMaps in classroom. It’s a great opportunity fro students to share and explore their roots. It offers a chance for them to do so in an open and equitable way. It also opens the door for them to explore more about all these regions of the world.

  2. What a great way to engage students’ personal and cultural assets! I can imagine that it would be so fun for each student to share their background with the class. I really like how you are using this to transition into a deeper project on ethnicity and culture. I did a similar project when I was in 3rd grade, and this seems like a wonderful way to use a technological tool to transition the project to a digital setting.

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