A Supply and Demand Story: Differentiated Google Form

Target Student Group

This lesson is intended for a 10th Grade Economics Class. This activity would be used in the middle of the unit, after students have explored the definitions of both supply and demand.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Follow the link provided to open up the Supply and Demand Story Google Form
  2. Choose your own adventure! Follow the different options to decide what kind of business you will open. (Note: you do not have to do all 3! Just pick one of the options and follow the questions for that one)
  3. Answer each question by referring back to your knowledge of supply and demand. Think about what the best choice for your business would be based on supply and demand.
  4. If you make a wrong choice, no worries! You can go back to make some “business adjustments” and choose the correct answer.
  5. When you complete the form, submit it for grading.

Goal for this Lesson:

My goal for this lesson is that my students will be able to apply the laws of supply and demand to examine the process of several business decisions such as choosing a product, surveying a consumer base, and setting equilibrium prices.

A Supply and Demand Story Google Form

Direct link to Google Form

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One Reply to “A Supply and Demand Story: Differentiated Google Form”

  1. A very complex undertaking. But you pulled it off. Must have taken lots of planning for navigation. I liked the feedback that you gave along the way. It was well illustrated and fun to work with.

    I wish I would have had this when I taught HS eco in the 80s and 90s. Well done!

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