Le Subjonctif: A Review with Google Forms

Featured image: “French flag” by wisegie is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Google Forms is a great way for students to self-assess their learning. The following is a self-assessment for students to either use as a study tool or for teachers to assess the progress of their students.

This self-quiz is designed for students who have already been introduced to “le subjonctif”. Thus, this activity is more for high school or even college-level students who are novice to advanced french learners.

Students simply have to follow the directions as provided. There are a variety of question types for students to answer. At the end of the quiz, students are asked to assess whether or not the quiz was helpful and then they are allowed to view graded answers (which excludes paragraph responses) to see where additional study may be helpful.

Another feature of this quiz is that it begins at different points depending on student confidence. If they feel less confident, then the quiz begins with the formation of “le subjonctif” after being given the chance to watch videos on the subject. If the student is comfortable with the formation, they are directed to the use of “le subjonctif”, which also has a video. If they feel like experts, they are asked to describe something important to them using 10 sentences with “le subjonctif” and 5 sentences that show when the “indicatif” is used instead.

Click HERE to be directed to the Google Form.

3 Replies to “Le Subjonctif: A Review with Google Forms”

  1. I won’t lie, I missed a couple! Subjunctive is super hard and this is a great way to review it with many different examples. I like the re-direct to the video, too.

  2. As a non-French speaker, I’m going to claim my 1/73 points as victory. At least not a shut out?

    Since I has no idea what the words meant, I focused on organization and I liked how clearly the navigation worked. Impressed that you even added two feedback questions at the end so students could comment on the activity. Great idea!

  3. Hey Emma I love how you include videos into your google form with questions as well as that you allowed students to comment on the activity at the end which would allow you to make it better fitted to their needs if it needed to be changed!

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