Counting On

This assignment would be for either kindergartners or first graders and this would be used for a math lesson on addition. I would use this google form after I introduce adding into their math lessons and this form would be used as a formative assessment so I can see if they are understanding the material at hand. The students will be tasked with watching the video link I put in the google form and then have them answer the questions I have. This google form would achieve this goal of seeing how they are understanding the material because I can see what they get wrong and base it off of that as well as at the end of the google form I have a question asking how they are feeling with adding, if they understand or not? Below you will find the form itself which you can fill out and just below that there is a link for you to view it as well!

Link for Google Form

Featured Image:Photo by Crissy Jarvis on Unsplash

4 Replies to “Counting On”

  1. Alexa,
    I love your use of pictures/diagrams in your questions. I also liked that you gave students a chance to provide feedback on the assessment itself. I also appreciated the simplicity and shorter length to the assessment, which is good for younger attention spans. 😉
    Even I learned something from this. I didn’t know tally marks were used to teach addition.

  2. Good demonstration of teaching primary-level math skills with Google Forms. I like that you had a variety of number and image prompts. Your feedback was supportive and clearly phrased.

  3. Great diagrams. I like that you also added a little check-in at the end for students. That would be eye-opening if a student did not score well but felt that they had. Or if they thought they didn’t understand it but their score clearly shows that they do, that little bit of feedback could be very helpful so that’s a great addition!

  4. Hi, Alexa!
    I liked many things about your Google Forms, from the visuals to your kind feedback, but another thing that really stood out to me was how you provided them with a short review at the very beginning. That was something I didn’t think about, but I can see it being very beneficial for students in helping them activate what they learned again before being assessed! Awesome “addition” to your Google Forms 🙂

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