iMovie in the Classroom

The teacher that make this video as a way to introduce new units or topics to the class in a meaningful way using clips that the students are familiar with. This video goes over what makes a fairy tale.

What I like about this is that students can go back and review the lesson/information given when they need to. You can also have students use iMovie to show their understanding/create a presentation of a subject to share with the class like in this second video.

I could see myself using this technology in the same way in my future classroom. The first video is also great for students who were absent to get caught up on work without feeling like they missed some important information since it is all right there.  I also like having this as an alternative to using a powerpoint when students give presentations.

Both videos found here

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  1. Jordyn, I love this idea as an introduction to a unit or a summarizing project for the students! For me personally, your fairy tale lesson was my personal favorite because of all the Disney. Students may be able to relate to Disney or be inspired by it and create their own project. Lovely idea!

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