iMovie in the Classroom

As technology continues to advance, so do the opportunities to enhance student learning in the classroom. One example of this would be using iMovie. Upon further research, I found many ways to use iMovie in an elementary classroom. One obvious way would be to make presentations and/or show your students how to make their own presentations. With your guidance, students can experiment using different sounds, transitions, and more in their presentations. Both students and teachers can also use iMovie to document things that they experience outside of school that are relevant to what they are learning in the classroom. This could serve as somewhat of a digital field trip for your students.

Some other interactive ways to use iMovie with your students include digital storytelling, which would help them develop their communicative skills. One of my favorite examples I found was having students use iMovie to create trailers for a book they read. Students will create a video as if they are making a movie/trailer based off of a book they read. This seemed like a good way to assess students on their comprehension skills, while letting them enjoy the process and be creative. Once students have made one of the above projects, they can practice giving feedback on each other’s videos. Overall, using iMovie in the classroom is an innovative and interactive way to get students engaged in the classroom. Below are some examples of iMovie being used in the classroom:



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