iMovie in the Classroom

Learning to use iMovie is a really great tool to know for my future classroom, especially since it is so simple for students to learn how to use as well. We saw a few examples of what it could be used for in class such as a trailer or a short video including pictures and videos. From this, I thought a really interesting way you could have your students use iMovie is for a book report. Movie trailers for a book that they have read to discuss the main ideas and favorite parts of the book.  One to two minutes long, and have a day or week that all students get to share their book reports. This may be easiest to do as a group project, for different books from book groups, or maybe an individual project that each reader had a different story to read.

From this idea, I found a few examples of this that had already been used in other classrooms.

I think this would be a really awesome way to get students involved in movie making and learning how to use the basics of iMovie while also teaching others about what they read!

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