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“Journey to the Center of the Book” is a play off the words from the movie and book title “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. When we were learning about IMovie and video creation, I kept being drawn into the trailer component.  I love trailers because they give sneak peeks into what the movie will be about and allows people to enter into this magical world through a more engaging platform. I tried it out and I found it very easy to use. It comes with it’s own template, making it easy for students to be creative. They also have the option to create their very own trailer without a template.

While I loved the trailer idea, I was trying to figure out how i could use this platform in a lesson. On “We Are Teachers”, they had the idea of challenging students to design a movie-style trailer for their favorite book. Their own goal is make the book appealing, so that other students would be excited to read it. I looked up this idea and found a video in which students collaborated in partners to create a movie trailer for the book the “BFG”. It was very engaging because it had pictures, music, and images that really drew people into the trailer.

I would use this in my classroom and give students the option to work in partners or by themselves. I would tell students they make it as dramatic or simple as possible. Their only goal is to create a video presentation which represents their book. Every person sees a book in a different way, so this project allows them to broadcast what the book meant to them.

Lesson Idea and Video are from these two sources:


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  1. Excellent example of student work. The iMovie trailer feature sure makes it look professional. PS. When you add a link, you should make it active so user can just click and go.

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