Letter to my Past Self

Dear Past-Me,

Surprise! I was too (will be?) when they said (will say) that they’ve (they’ll have) invented low-range time-travel. Super nifty.

Anyways, crazy to think it’s been fifteen years since that edtech class. It’s honestly surprising how many things haven’t changed in all this time. A lot of teaching is still done using textbooks similar to the ones you use and technology is still trying to figure out its place in the modern classroom.

That said, there are some nice new gizmos for you and your coworkers just beyond the horizon. Some of those programs mentioned have actually hit it big and have become staples for teachers across the world. Most of them are pretty minor, but every little bit of efficiency helps, right? Additionally, a little more technology has been introduced into the classroom. Smartboards have become cheaper and less clunky, to the eternal sorrow of Expo Dry Erase Products. While Chromebooks are remembered nostalgically by Gen-Z’ers, they’re pretty defunct by today’s standards and have been mostly replaced with something more akin to the tablets of your day.

That’s all I have space to write you for now, unfortunately objects sent back in time are extremely limited by weight. Good luck with your last undergrad finals (you won’t need it, the result is kind of pre-determined at this point) and have fun watching the philosophers of your day try and explain time travel!




P.S. Invest in Crocs inc. ASAP.

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