Helping Maya! Part 2

Welcome again 3rd graders! Maya was very impressed with the knowledge about parrots that you all know! She is starting to find her place in the world, and again needs our help!


Parrots live all over the world thanks to them being wonderful pets.

In the wild most parrots are found in the warmer areas of the Southern Hemisphere in places like Australia, South America and Africa.

Maya was born in Vancouver, Washington, and lives in Portland, Oregon. But where did her ancestors come from originally? Let us find out:

The green area shows where Quakers in the wild came from. You can see they are a South American species of parrot. Maya’s ancestors traveled very far for her to end up in Oregon.

But what about the red?

In some states in the United States, Quakers are banned from being pets. This is because Quakers are very hearty parrots and are seen as an invasive species, one that disrupts the natural environment. Because of this there are states that keep Quakers out. That is sad for Maya, because she likes to travel.

Other Parrots

Now that we know where Maya comes from, she would like to know about other parrots. Think about, and even look up information on other parrot species. Where do they come from? Are other parrots banned in the United States? Be sure to let Maya know what you find out next time!

All pictures of Maya taken by Adamm Creel

3 Replies to “Helping Maya! Part 2”

  1. Fund lesson ideal. Plus clever way to integrate MyMaps and Forms.

    How does Maya feel about being banned and labeled invasive? That’s quite a burden for a little bird to carry.

    1. Maya doesn’t care, she said she doesn’t want to go to those places anyway. I was thinking how to blend, and expand to turn smaller things into a larger unit. Maya said I should work on a unit about her, so I had to do that, other wise she might scream all night long, and nobody needs 116db blaring all night long, so I just do what she says and live happily!

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