Geometry Proofs on Google Sites

This google site is designed for a geometry class, 9th – 12th grade, as a practice and review activity for a proofs unit. The goal is for students to use the youtube videos to review and the practice assignment to test their knowledge. At the end there is an exit ticket to check students learning and for them to turn in the links to their work.

Click this link to go to the Geometry Proofs Practice Site

Featured image: Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash

4 Replies to “Geometry Proofs on Google Sites”

  1. Excellent! Very well-planned and executed. Clear instructions guide the student through the process. Lots of variety in use of learning tools – forms, video, slides, etc. A great example of creating complex learning environments via Google sites. You should take pride in this post.
    PS: You need to reset permission on slides

  2. Chantal,
    I love how you included links to other pages, making navigation even easier! I appreciated the geometry humor. Sadly, I could not access the Google slides on the Coordinate Proofs page nor could I see the document from your Google Drive on the references page. It is cool that you used such a variety of materials though!

  3. Both your post and your website are extremely well organized and intuitive especially with a geometry student involved. I particularly enjoy the way that you were able to scaffold and meet each student at their understanding level.

  4. I love your Google Sites. it is very organized and User Friendly! Something like this would have been super helpful for me while I was in high school. Thanks for sharing!

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