Have Some Fun with These Google Forms!

  1. Self Graded Quiz – How Well Do You Know Miss Kate?

I think that this would be a fun activity for students in the beginning of the year to get to know their teacher! I love the idea of teachers and students forming close relationships and bonding over real life things – not just school. Here is what I created about myself!

2. Branching Form – Design Your Dream Day!

I created a Design Your Dream Day braching form because I thought that this would be a fun brain break for students, morning opener, or could be an intro into a fun lesson on businesses or time management! I also love having students practice decision making skills, this is a great skill to learn and a fun way to practice!

3 Replies to “Have Some Fun with These Google Forms!”

  1. Kate, a clever demo of Google forms. Like the feedback on quiz. The branching adventure is well designed. Both forms are well illustrated and work as designed. A great post demonstrating “get to know you” and decision making skills.

  2. Kate! I loved both of the Google Forms you created. I especially loved how you decided to create a self-graded quiz on getting to know you. I would have never thought of that. Using something like that in a more lighthearted and informal way at the beginning of the school year to get students prepared and used to using it is so smart.

  3. Kate! I loved both your google form and your branching form! I found it super good for community building and it also lets the students be creative with their answers. Great Job!!

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