Future Technology in the Classroom

What an interesting semester in Ed tech! Going into this class for the semester I was a little bit nervous as I am not the most confident when it comes to using technology, let alone to teach others. But I can say overall this class was a really good learning experience and I feel much more confident know using technology hopefully in my future classroom. I think considering our current situation with the Corona virus pandemic this is an especially relevant class to us as future teachers as well as current students. I know personally classes online have been easier having taken this class, and not knowing the future of education I have many more tools and skills I am comfortable using. Learning to use many different platforms to put out content for not only students but parents and families as well has been a really good learning experience. Being able to now, more confidently incorporate technology in my classroom will help to stay current with how students learn and what is going on in the world around.

These links following are some of my favorite examples of work I created throughout this semester.

This was one of the first lessons I created in Ed Tech. I used google forms to create a beginning of the year get to know yo survey fro students and their families to fill out. I really liked google forms because it was easy to use as a teacher, as well as it is very simple and easy for students to respond as well. Being able to send this home for parents or families to help as well would be easy and a smart way to being the family into the classroom.
I created a google sites website to teach a mini lesson on sink and float. Google sites is one of mu favorite platforms we learned about because it is very clean looking and easy to use. It was very easy to incorporate videos and quizzes into the website as well. I think the easy set up makes it very useable in the classroom.
Using book creator was also one of my favorite websites we learned about. For this assignment I created a very simple lesson about shaped for younger students. I like the colors and many different feature this website had to really make each book unique. I think students of all ages could learn to use this website to recreate or create their own books in a very unique and personalized way.

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