First day Survey

  1. This lesson could most effectively used for 1st-3rd grade. It could be used in the beginning of the year in any school/course.
  2. This would be used an introduction lesson. Something you give out on one of the first days of school to get to know your students. You could even send this out prior to the first day of the school so parents can help students fill it out if they need it.
  3. I think this would mostly be an independent thing or a whole class time to work. Of the students are olenough and capable of completing it on their own then it would be independent for. If they were younger would do it as a whole class activity where the teacher demonstrates it and completes it with them.
  4. The teacher would going feedback about their students which would help build relationships. It would also help them learn how to help their students learn best.
  5. Google forms will be used for the survey so they can complete it on there.

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  1. Good idea for a “get-to-know” you. The survey works well to gather useful information. I might suggest you re-phrase the language question into: “What languages do you speak?” More open ended

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