Can we guess, does it rhyme?

This activity is intended for early elementary grade students who are working on rhyming and finding patterns to understand why words rhyme! *independent use: 1st-2nd — note: students may require a tutorial on how to use the forum. It may also be easier to have student complete the assignment in small groups at a time that way an adult is able to help with any technical issues they may have in filling out the google forum.

This could be used as a pre-assessment to gauge what your students already know about rhyming or if they are already able to pick up patterns. It can then be used as a post assessment to see how much growth has happened at the end of a lesson or unit on rhyming. This activity could also be used within a kindergarten classroom and completed as a whole class in order to introduce the concept of rhyming.

When used as a pre-assessment, students in 1st grade are not expected to have a high knowledge of rhyming patterns. However, when being used as a post assessment students should have a better understanding of deciphering which words rhyme and which do not.

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4 Replies to “Can we guess, does it rhyme?”

  1. Great idea for a using Google form to assess rhymes. As an variation you could simple images of the items with or without the word.

    If someone was very ambitious, they could record short audio of someone saying the words and add it to the teacher feedback after answering the question.

  2. This is such a good idea! I think kids would really like this and it’d be good for informing you of where students are at with rhyming.

  3. I definitely think this would be a cool idea to do with kindergarteners in a class setting! Students could get a lot out of this and it could even be a really good exit ticket or something.

  4. Good job Lex! I like this set up. I think the amount of questions would be perfect and fitting for the attention span of the early grades and also are very clear. Maybe I will have to borrow this in the future!

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