Let’s Talk about Plants and Animals!

This google form was designed as a pre-assessment for a kindergarten science lesson on animals and plants. The lesson is based off of the following Oregon Standard: K-LS1-1 – Use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals (including humans) need to survive. In line with the standard, this pre-assessment addresses what animals and plants need to survive. This form gives the teacher information on what students already know prior to this lesson so that they can adjust and differentiate the lesson accordingly. For instance if the whole class already knows what plants and animals need to survive, then the lesson can change into a discussion comparing the two. If there’s a lot of variation in what students know, the teacher can set up learning centers with different activities.

Ideally, this pre-assessment would be given in a 1:1 environment at the start of the lesson so that the teacher could see where all their students are at. However, with some planning, this pre-assessment could be incorporated into learning centers prior to the science lesson so that the teacher still gathers the data on what students know and adjust the lesson accordingly. One thing to keep in mind if this pre-assessment is given during learning centers is that the assessment does not have audio for the questions. Since many kindergartners cannot read the directions for the questions, the teacher can either explain what the students will do when they reach that learning center, facilitate that learning center themselves, or have an adult volunteer/faculty member assist students at that learning center. If the pre-assessment is given in a 1:1 environment, the teacher can explain the directions for each question and answer questions as the students take the quiz.

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Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash

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4 Replies to “Let’s Talk about Plants and Animals!”

  1. Well designed pre-assessment. I think the images choices work well to reinforce the learning. Excellent write up of lesson, as well.

  2. This is such a smart and easy way to collect data as a pre-assessment. I also appreciate your use of pictures and images with each question, especially since this is designed for kindergarten and some kids may not be able to read some of the terms.

  3. I really like how simple and accessible you made this pre-assessment. It allows for all students to be able to answer the questions by having the words and pictures and I feel like the students can even have fun doing this!

  4. This is such a simple way to use technology as a pre-assessment; especially with the kiddos who may not know how to read of write yet.

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