Teaching with Technology!

Welcome to my Edtech portfolio!

This semester I have been exploring various uses for technology in the classroom. As I approached this course, I was excited and interested, but I was also nervous and intimidated by the word ‘technology’ in the classroom. I didn’t think I could navigate websites and design lessons using technology platforms. However, my mindset has definitely changed since then.

This semester I learned that technology really is accessible to everyone, and with a little bit of time or tutorial videos, you can navigate just about any website. With the skills I learned in my Edtech methods course, I feel excited to incorporate technology lessons and spark engagement among my students. I hope to use technology as a tool in the classroom and encourage students to explore internet resources. I also want students to use technology to construct more personalized work and explore creative outlets.

I am thankful to have this knowledge and practice of incorporating technology in the classroom as the world is ever changing and we may relay on virtual teaching. Most importantly, I feel confident to approach and integrate technology teaching platforms into my curriculum.

I chose to share this project because it highlights the idea that using technology can really take you anywhere in the world. Using Google Tour Creator, I have created a virtual tour of the peaks in Washington state. Each location also includes a description and correlating information. I feel that this resource would beneficial in the classroom as it allows for virtual field trips to anywhere in the world!
This is one of my favorite projects within my portfolio. I created this classroom website using Google Sites. I feel that a classroom website would be very beneficial as I can upload and embed all formats of content and organize it accordingly. A classroom website is beneficial as parents and guardians can access resources and information all from one place. I also like the fact that the classroom website is accessible from anywhere for all users.
This is the final project I created for Edtech methods. I had a lot of fun with this project and post as I truly envision myself using this lesson in the future. This is an example of how technology can foster relationships and community as students will be creating a showcase and reflection of their work to present at student led conferences. I feel that this lesson would be accessible for many students as Adobe Spark Video is an easy website to navigate and provides music and templates to choose from.

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