Final Project – Student Led Conferences

For my final project, I have created a lesson for second grade students. In this lesson, students will construct an Adobe Spark Video to share with their parent or guardians for student led conferences.

The instructional goal for this lesson is for students to create an Adobe Spark video including personal work. Students will include reading, writing, and math samples along with their responses to two questions. Prompts include: Why did you choose this piece of work? & What did you learn while doing this work? Students may answer the questions within their Adobe Spark Video or have written responses prepared to share.

I chose to use Adobe Spark Video as the platform for this project because students can present their work in an organized and quick way. As seen from the example below Adobe Spark Video allows you to add photos, text, customize the music and more. Adobe Spark Video also offers many templates for students to start from and is easy to navigate for first time users and students.

I hope these videos are viewed by parents and seen as a celebration and reflection of their students’ work. This assignment is a culturally relevant teaching practice and enables relationship building among students, parents, and teachers.

Featured Image by: Adonyig Edits by: Braelyn Higdon

2 Replies to “Final Project – Student Led Conferences”

  1. Hi Braelyn!
    This is an excellent idea! In fact, I might steal it for myself! I love how you are incorporating students into the conference process and how students have the opportunity to choose the work they want to showcase. You really created a well thought out and creative way to have student-led conferences!
    I think this could also be a great review tool for you as a teacher; after grading or observing work by your students, you can use Adobe Spark Video to show what you saw in their work. You can highlight the things that they did well, bold your objectives/learning targets, and even express what you think the kids could improve on. Overall, your project is absolutely fabulous!

  2. Braelyn!
    I love this idea of including video to prep your students for conferences! I think it’s a great resource for us to have because it is a well planned template for every aspect of learning that is done within the classroom. This can also be a good practice for students to not just do for conferences, but maybe to do at the end of each quarter to keep them in the reflection process of their own work. They could share their work with partners and small groups or dedicate a whole morning/afternoon to watch everyone’s videos and build more of a community within the classroom. Student always love looking at their classmates work and to see what they made being shown!

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