Digitals Teaching Portfolio: Tools to Enhance Student Learning

Enhancing student learning using technology has always been an interest of mine. Over the past semester, I have been introduced to many new tools to add to my teaching toolbox. In this class, I have been able to improve my skill in adding technology to my methods of teaching math. I have been challenged to design lesson plans that enhance student learning and seek to challenge students to use higher-order thinking using useful technology. Furthermore, I have been able to envision lessons that introduce math topics in a way that is applicable and relatable to their own lives.

This past year has also been a challenge with envisioning using new tools to keep up the quality of student learning with the limitations of teaching online. Many of the technologies I have learned about are great tools for teaching new topics and assigning work online. I have been able to design work that adds visual elements to learning while challenges students. I have also been able to use tools that will give students individualized feedback and allows students to be creative and design their own projects.

Math Lessons Using Technology

Art Lessons Using Technology

Featured Image: Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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