Geometry Worksheets Using Google Drawing

Google drawing is a great tool for drawing and labeling shapes. For my activity, I made a practice worksheet for a geometry class (grades 8-10).

This worksheet utilized a variety of tools that the students can use in google draw. The first box prompts students to use the drag feature to move the pre-drawn shapes to the appropriate categories. The second activity asks students to label the missing angle on the pre-drawn triangles. The students can do this by inserting a textbox and dragging it to the angles. The third activity asks students to use the shape tools to draw shapes and label the angles of those shapes. The fourth and final activity asks students to fill out the table with the corresponding angle measurements using the given angles.

The goal of activity is to use visual activities to help students apply what they have been learning to categorize shapes and finding the measurements of their angles.

This activity shows all the helpful features of using google draw to make geometry worksheets. The line drawing and shape tools have a wide range of options that allow students or teacher to customize their work.

Click this to make a copy of this Google Drawing.

Featured Image: Created by Chantal Hummel using Google Drawing

5 Replies to “Geometry Worksheets Using Google Drawing”

  1. Wow, this is a really impressive and highly detailed example of the many things Google Drawings can do! You really showed how it could be elevated for older students beyond the basics.

  2. Chantal,
    I love how you included such a variety of activities! From sorting to drawing to a little bit of math, this activity does it all.
    I am a little conflicted over the colors but that may just be my personal preferences talking. I also wonder if its possible to include a space specifically for student calculations or section for how they came to that conclusion, as this activity seems to only present student answers. Though I suppose the student could relay orally their reasoning as well.

  3. Good observations from Rachel and Emma. Your activity models how Google Drawing and elevate the traditional worksheet to a new level. Multiple ways for students to express the learning.
    PS – I’m ok with the colors – kind of relaxed and muted

  4. Hi! I really liked how your Google drawing mimics a pen and paper worksheet. It is easy to understand and use, and its better for the environment!

  5. I really enjoy the step above the average worksheet that you took your google drawing too. It has all of the parts that I feel are important for students tackling specific geometry concepts. My only feeling however is with the specific font you chose, it may be a tad difficult for people who use English as a second language, students who use screen readers, or are visually impaired to read. I don’t know if google draw is equipped to support students with alt text or screen readers personally so that is also something I am going to look into, because I really enjoy the aesthetic of your worksheet!

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